07 April 2006


SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards

Announced 28 March 2006. For more on each winner, the runners-up, and the ranking rationale, see the awards website: http://web2.0awards.org/

Blog Guides

1. Technorati.com, “The authority on what's happening in the world of weblogs, Technorati brings you the latest content from over 29 million blogs, sorted and tagged. Find favorites and authorities in a plethora of subjects

2. “Blogniscient.com tracks and filters news that's all the buzz in blogs they rank the ‘best’ of the blogosphere.”

3. Bloglines.com is "a free online service for searching, subscribing to, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content."


1. Blummy.com, “A free tool for quick access to your favorite web services via your bookmark toolbar,”

2. Furl.net “allows you to easily save, take notes on and share the links you've stored, or browse others' most popular bookmarks to find new and interesting things.”

3. Spurl.net: “Never lose track of a web Furlsite again with Spurl's free on-line bookmarking service and search engine.”

Collaborative Writing & Word Processing

1. Writely.com. “Create documents or upload Word files, then edit, share and collaborate in real time.”

2. Rallypointhq.com.” Selectively collaborate with coworkers and peers.”

3. Thinkfree Office Online (online.Thinkfree.com) “Open, edit and create Microsoft Office compatible documents from the Web including spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Post documents to your blog with no conversion and/or convert existing documents to PDF format.”

Communication: Email & Chat

1. Meebo.com. “Chat on AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger via your web browser in one simple AJAX interface.”

2. Campfirenow.com: “Web-based group chat for businesses, Campfire allows real-time sharing, editing, and collaboration for team members in a secure, password-protected chat.”

3. Slawsome.com: “Send voice messages over email the easy way.”

Digital Storage & Remote Access

1. eSnips.com is a hybridization of social bookmarking and file storage.

2. Avvenu.com: “Remotely access your PC via a smooth web interface to edit your documents and share photos & files.”

3. YouSendIt.com: “mail up to 1GB in files (which are hosted on YouSendIt's servers) to as many recipients as you please.”


1. Wayfaring.com “allows you to create personal maps with and share them with your friends. Explore maps created by others and connect and collaborate over a vast social network”

2. Frappr.com:” Create a map to pinpoint your location and the locations of all your friends and group members, then invite others from around the world to join.”

3. Housingmaps.com: “Find property for rent, for sale, and for sublet using this Google Maps mashup.”

Personal Organization

1. Hipcal.com, “a stylish online calendar, to-do list and address book”

2. Planzo.com: “a super-simple sharable calendar that allows you to track events, write to-do lists, upload and share files, and more.”

3. Voo2do.com :tracks both personal to-dos and project management.”

Photos & Digital Images

1. Flickr.com: “Store, search, sort, and share your photos with Flickr, a massive photo community with beaucoup social features.”

2. Slide.com: “you can create slideshows for your webpage or desktop: use your own pictures or watch what you like from a host of user-created channels including images from Flickr, The Superficial, iTunes New Releases, and many more.”

3. Zotoc.om “Upload full-sized photos from your computer or cell phone to 2GB of storage on Zoto. Tag 'em and put them in private or public galleries for anyone (or everyone) to see.”


1. Odeo.com: “Record and share audio, then publish your recordings as your own podcast channel. Search or browse Odeo's comprehensive list of other podcasts for inspiration.”

2. PodOmatic.com “brings together sharable audio and video with social networking and popularity. Check your stats to see who likes what you're saying, and visit the vast network of podcasters to hear what else is out there. Search podcasts by genre, recommendations, or a tag cloud of the zeitgeist.”

3. Loomia.com: “A podcast and videocast search engine that will help you discover, share, and manage channels of interest to you. Filter out the fluff and save your favorites using rankings, then browse by popularity, tags, and more, to find what you like.”

Social Networking

1. Facebook.com “is a university networking tool (you need a uni affiliated email to sign up) that allows you to keep track of your college friends using relationship tracking, degrees of separation, photo albums, specialty groups, and more.”

2. Consumating.com: “Meet nerds, geeks, hipsters, bloggers, & other awesome people on Consumating. It's a social space with tagging, popularity rankings, weekly questions, photos contests, and a whole lot more.”

3. Myspace.com: “A massive online community of musicians, students, friends, and singles all looking for connections.”

Social Tagging

1. Stumbleupon.com: “An intelligent tool for browsing and sharing the best websites. Uses ratings to analyze sites and show you only sites you'll like.”

2. Blinklist.com: “a site to mark it as good, and tag it to categorize. Track by favorites, popular, recent, or tagged.”

3. Del.icio.us is a collection of Web favorites presented to you via social tagging. Add, share, keep and discover your most loved pages.”


1. Dailymotion.com: “to showcase your movies either on the site or in a videoblog. Discover other videos with tags or by browsing a wide range of categories from advertisements to humor.”

2. Youtube.com: “A huge archive of searchable, taggable video clips.”

3. Metacafe.com. “Browse, rate, and comment on the thousands of videos , then easily upload and share your own clips.”

Web Development & Design

1. Cssbeauty.com: “A project focused on providing its audience with a database of well designed CSS websites from around the world.”

2. Performancing.com “is a social community for bloggers that also provides both an exceptionally useful toolbar plug-in for Firefox and a robust web analytics solution.”

3. Haveamint.com: “An inexpensive and flexible site usage stats tool that sorts referrers, popular pages, visits, searches, stats, and more, all with a customizable API.”

Wikis (Hosted)

1. Wetpaint.com: “Make your own streamlined, easily editable wiki community with easily navigatable pages and a related tag cloud.”

2. Jotspot (jot.com): “Create and share wiki pages with a WYSIWYG

3. Pbwiki.com: Make a free, password protected wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich. Easily upload HTML, link files to your pages, integrate RSS, and more.”

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