19 April 2006


Lynne Fox of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, maintains a fantastic website of over 20 pages of links to medical resources. Categories include: General Tips, Access to Health Care, Alternative Therapies, Cancer, Child Health, Diagnostic Tests, Dictionaries, Directories of Medical Web Sites, Diagnosis, Drugs, Evaluating Medical Web Sites, Evidence-Based Medicine Resources for Consumers, Health Literacy, Science Fair Projects, Mental Health, Multilingual Health Information, Nutrition, Search Engines, Senior Health, and Spanish Language Resources. I doubt if anything very worthwhile is not included. An invaluable resource!

URL: http://Denison.uchsc.edu/outreach/medbib3.htm


Khadija said...

Hi there

I think it is a wonderful site, as I am hoping to start an information Service for all medical health
practioners/researchers etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi again

All contributions to my idea of an Medical/Health Information Service are welcome. You more than welcome to join in and network with me.