14 April 2006


If you are looking for a list of bloggers in Australia or blogs about Australia, look no further than AustralianBlogs.com.au. It is a “free community resource…similar to del.icio.us (but less invasive).” All blogs listed have to be by an Australian or about an Australian subject. It is staffed by “a small but dedicated team of volunteers who believe that the Australian blogosphere produces high quality blogs that are just as good, I not better, than those available offshore.”

As of today there are 329 blogs listed, but only two by librarians, according to Michelle McLean, a part-time public librarian in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on her blog, Connecting Librarian. I found a few more.

Ruminations, by an anonymous librarian in Perth, Western Australia. This is mostly a personal blog, but she does talk about libraries some.
you cried for night, by Genevieve Tucker, a student librarian with a family who likes to keep an eye on cyberspace and the specialised writing and journalism happening there. On the “About” page are links to blogs about Australian writing and literature (including journals and ezines and poetry magazines). The blog is quite interesting too.
The Exploded Library, by Morgan Wilson, who lives in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney. Wilson is Electronic & Research Services Librarian at the AGSM's Frank Lowy Library which is on the campus of the University of New South Wales.
The Weblog Repository
, also by Genevieve Tucker. There aren’t many posts, but it has many, many links to resources in the blogosphere, in Australia and beyond.

The list: http://AustralianBlogs.com.au
Connecting Librarian: http://connectinglibrarian.blogspot.com/
Ruminations: http://flexnib.blogspot.com/
you cried for night: http://austlit.typepad.com/cfn/
The Exploded Library: http://www.explodedlibrary.info/
The Weblog Repository: http://austlit.edublogs.org/

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