19 April 2006


Ian Best (third year law student, Ohio StateUniversity), has added four blogs by sitting judges to his Taxonomy of Legal Blogs. They are:

Becker-Posner Blog, by Richard A. Posner, US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Gary Becker, Professor, University of Chicago Department of Economics and Sociology.
A Criminal Waste of Space, from California Court of Appeals, 4th District, Associate Justice William W. Bedsworth.
Have Opinion Will Travel, from an anonymous judge on the California Court of Appeals.
Say What? “Classic Humor” from the courtroom, by Jerry Buchmeyer, US District Judge of the Northern District of Texas.

All are very interesting, but I especially like the last one. There are great fillers here for legal library newsletters.

Becker-Posner Blog: http://www.becker-posner-blog.com/
A Criminal Waste of Space: http://www.acriminalwasteofspace.com/
Have Opinion Will Travel: http://haveopinionwiiltravel.blogspot.com/
Say What? http://www.texasbar.com/saywhat/weblog/
Taxonomy of Legal Blogs: http://3lepiphany.typepad.com/

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