01 April 2006


3L Epiphany, from Ian Best, a third year law student at Moritz College of Law (Ohio State University), is most likely the first law student blog in the country to receive academic credit. He created it primarily to study the growing phenomenon of legal blogs, the weblogs of lawyers, law professors, and law students; to learn the practical aspects of blogging; to demonstrate the potential uses of a law student blog as a research tool; and to provide a comprehensive taxonomy of legal blogs as an online service to the legal profession. “I believe that the blogosphere suffers from a lack of an efficient infrastructure. 3L Epiphany will exemplify a cohesive system for organizing legal blogs.”

Here is the outline of the taxonomy. If you go to his blog, you can click on each category and be taken to a list of blogs (or blawgs, as law blogs are often called) that fit into it. Then you can click on the individual blogs. I didn’t’ count the total number of blogs, but there are lots of them.

Ian has done the library and law professions a great service by creating this taxonomy. Go, click, enjoy, tell your friends!

I. General Blogs: advice for lawyers and law firms, general legal blogs, general blogs (law and culture, economics, politics, etc.)
II. Blogs Categorized by Legal Specialty
III. Blogs Categorized by Law or Legal Event: case blogs, statute blogs, trial blogs
IV. Blogs Categorized by Jurisdictional Scope: state blogs, Federal circuit blogs, US Supreme Court blogs
V. Blogs Categorized by Author/Publisher: anonymous blogs, association blogs, blogs by judges, book supplement blogs, class and student group blogs, institute blogs, law firm blogs (listed by blog, listed by firm), law journal blogs,
law library and librarian blogs, law professor blogs, lawyer webjournals, newspaper blogs
VI. Blogs Categorized by Number of Contributors: group blogs
VII. Miscellaneous Blogs Categorized by Topic: blogs about judges, event blogs, fictional blogs, humor blogs
VIII. Collections of Legal Blogs: blog post collections, legal blog collections, legal blog networks

URL: http://3lepiphany.typepad.com/3l_epiphany/2006/03/a_taxonomy_of_l.html

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