20 June 2006


Great stuff from the Church of the Customer Blog,

“It’s a new model being proposed by Jim Nail and the folks at Cymfony, an analytics company that measures and interprets consumer-generated and traditional media.” (emphasis mine. JAS)

“Influence 1.0: One-way communication at the customer, controlled by the company.
Influence 2.0: Active customer participation feedback, discussion and debate.
Influence 1.0: Focus on getting message into the right media to reach the audience.
Influence 2.0: Companies engage consumers for input into product and messaging.
Influence 1.0: News is here today, gone tomorrow.
Influence 2.0: Content lives forever online: free of charge and easily searchable.
Influence 1.0: Companies try to “spin” traditional media.
Influence 2.0: Citizen journalists pierce the spin. Traditional journalists report the result.”

Which way does your library (and your organization) talk to its customers?

this post: http://customerevangelists.typepad.com/blog/2006/

Cymfony: http://www.cymfony.com/

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