19 June 2006


Amy Kearns [Paterson (NJ) Free Public Library] has written a wonderful post on Library Garden. She sees a parallel between professional librarians and Realtors® (professional real estate salespeople). Here is the beginning of her post.

What do Realtors and Librarians have in common? A lot I think, and I think we need to have more!
Have you noticed those commercials on the radio for Realtors? You might not have, but after you read this, listen for them. Once you notice them, you’ll always hear them. I have been noticing them for awhile now. They are commercials basically explaining why you should get a “real” Realtor instead of buying/selling your home for yourself, or through a Real Estate Agent.
Sound familiar yet!?

Now, hop over to Library Garden and read the rest. It will get you to thinking, I promise.

URL: http://librarygarden.blogspot.com/2006/06/


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