20 June 2006


A Study of Website Navigation Methods
Thomas S. Tullis, Ellen Connor, Lori LeDoux, Ann Chadwick-Dias, Marty True, and Michael Catani of Fidelity Investments evaluated six different formats. Very interesting and gives a lot of food for thought.

URL: http://www.eastonmass.net/tullis/WebsiteNavigation/WebsiteNavigationPaper.htm

What should be above the screen fold?
Although conventional wisdom says that you should place the most important information “above the fold” (newspaper term now applied to the web to mean the part of the page that can be seen without scrolling), “designers should not be afraid of vertical scrolling—the important this to consider is to set the expectation of the value to be gained by scrolling. This can be achieved by providing visual and contextual cues above the fold, and applying a certain level of consistency throughout the website.”

This was posted by Usability One, a consulting firm in Australia, on 8 November 2005, but I just found out about it in inCite, the journal of the Australian Library and Information Association.

URL: http://www.usabilityone.com.au/news_nov05_3.asp

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Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Judith:
Thanks for this link on Web analytics--aka webmetrics and webliometrics. Whats in a name, anyways.
I see it as a creative visualization of look and feel stuff. In fact, I have been adding similar content in my blog on Web traffic behavior.