15 December 2006


How about changing 14 February, normally St. Valentine’s Day, into Library Lovers Day? The idea originated with librarians in New South Wales (the state in which Sydney lies) and was described by Sue Hutley, Executive Director of the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), in her editorial in the December issue of the ALIA magazine, inCite. ALIA is taking it national in 2007 and even is creating a website for it (http://www.librarylovers.org.au) although it is not working yet.

Promotional ideas include wrapping a book for a blind date with a customer, Valentine postcards for readers to complete with why they love their library, flowers for customers, or red heart stickers [I my library, perhaps?]. I’m sure you can think of many more ideas. This should work in ANY type of library and will certainly bring your customers’ attention to you and your library.

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February is Library Lovers' Month: Things to do.