21 December 2006


There was a post on the Solo Librarians Division electronic list with links to some interesting job descriptions. Here they are.

There was also a job description in the post included the following. I have bolded some of the more “interesting” passages, along with my comments.

Time spent on tasks:
Information Access/Management – 78 percent (includes “leverage Internet and database services, in-house resources, e-mail lists, telephone research and research outsourcer to accomplish effective due diligence and company/industry research; assess, procure, implement, and manage services for end-users’ desktops; provide instruction to end-users resulting in effective customization and utilization of resources--who will determine if it is effective?; proactively expand professional knowledge of information resources, trends, and electronic information services through continuing education)
Develop and Maintain Information Resources – 10 percent (selection and negotiation of resources and “manage compliance and copyright policies”)
Marketing – 7 percent (webmaster responsibilities, “develop and disseminate marketing materials as part of marketing team--who's on the team? how much input from the librarian? are they marketing anything besides the website?)
Supervision – 3 percent (of shared research assistant)
Administer Research Budget – 1 percent (“assess/conduct research requests using cost-effective resource management”)
Manage Archives – 1 percent (“responsible for supervising creation and maintenance of records of offsite material and coordinating access; responsible for quarterly inventories of all archives materials and bi-annual physical inventory of all boxes”—all this in 20 hours per year???)

Software Experience/Proficiency Required: Working knowledge of LexisNexis, Dialog, Factiva, Reuters Research, Securities Data Corporation, Capital IQ, and Bloomberg. Knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver and advanced web searching techniques required. This sounds like it was tailored for a specific individual...

Experience, Skill Level Required: Minimum of two years experience in business/special libraries as a solo librarian. Incumbent must have Internet and on-line searching skills, website management skills, and general knowledge of library operations relating to reference, online services, contract management, acquisitions, and budgeting. Individual must have ability to assess and analyze current information needs and industry trends, provide relevant research, and anticipate future information needs. Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively in a fast paced investment environment is required. Walking on water and turning water into wine highly preferred.

Comments anyone?

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