12 December 2006


Here are some neat sites that I’ve found recently. Enjoy!

Free Lookups
Look up almost anything with this list of links. Arranged in categories: address and street data, everything ZIP codes, business and professional, maps and aerial views, radius searches, statistics and averages, locations and demographics, and federal resources (USA).

ALA Professional Tips Wiki
From the huge list of resources the ALA Library staff have accumulated over 80 years. Everything from Intellectual freedom to user services to types of libraries—and more.

Librarian’s E-Library
(URL too long to write here, Google it)
“Selected resources on Libraries and librarianship from the American Library Association Library and a growing list of volunteers.” (A Google Co-op Custom Search Engine product)

The Australian Index
“Exploring Australian Blogs.” You can search for a blog, see “recently updated” ones, and “interesting posts.”

“Inspiring Visions of Earth.” Photo of the day and an archive. The photos are magnificent.

“The Asian Legal Information Institute is a non-profit and free access website for legal information from all 27 countries and territories in Asia located from Japan in the east to Pakistan in the west, and from Mongolia in the north to Timor Leste in the south. AsianLII provides for searching and browsing databases of legislation, case-law, law reform reports, law journals and other legal information, where available.” A joint project of the Law Faculties of the University of Technology, Sydney, and the University of New South Wales, Australia, partner institutions in Asian countries, and other legal information institutes.

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Karen said...

In interests of full disclosure, the ALA Professional Tips wiki doesn't--yet--have all of our collected knowledge. Much of that is still locked in a vertical file, more archived e-mail messages than I care to think about, and an internal knowledge base. The wiki, though, is growing ... daily ... and we welcome additions to it.

BTW, the ALA Library is an OPL ...

Karen Muller, ALA Librarian