28 December 2006


In LISNews, 15 December 2006, John Hubbard [University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee] listed ten stories that he thinks were the most important for the year. I don’t particularly agree with them, but they’re interesting to recall.

The titles are his, the explanations are mine.

10. New UCLA Slogan: "Get Tasered @ your library"

Police used tasers on a problem student. Interesting note: the story was first reported on YouTube.
9. Ding Dong, Gorman Tenure Ends

ALA’s new president is a blogger.
8. Library Weblog Explosion, ReduxNew blogs: Library Juice, one from John Berry, and custom search engines LISZEN and LibWorm.
7. EPA Library Closure
Many hope the new Democratic Congress will stop the closing of these Federal libraries.
6. Library 2.0 Meme
Everyone’s talking about Library 2.0, Web 2.0, and Librarian 2.0. (Look for an issue of The One-Person Library on this soon.)
5. More Elephants in the Room
Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are working on scanning/digital library initiatives. Microsoft also introduced Live Academic and Live Book Search.
4. Censorship
Everything from Harry Potter to MySpace has been challenged this year.
3. 'Net Neutrality
This and digital rights management are becoming big issues.
2. P is for Privacy
The Patriot Act and drug testing for Florida library volunteers—strange world.
1. The James Frey Fallout
Authors such as James Frey found to be untruthful do not help the book’s image. (Why this is number one is beyond me…JAS)

URL: http://features.lisnews.org/article.pl?sid=06/12/15/137213

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