11 December 2006


Chris Phoenix posted the following on the Responsible Nanotechnology blog:

Does rewinding a movie have anything to do with winding a wristwatch?

Why is a screen saver called a screen saver?

Why do people talk about “dialing” a phone number?

How do you “load” a camera?

Why might you need white-out while typing?

Why would a needle scratch a record?”

On his blog, Stephen’s Lighthouse, Stephen Abram added:

OK, how does this apply to libraries?

Have most kids ever seen a book pocket?

Have most kids ever gotten their book stamped?

Does anyone ever see catalogues any more?

Does anyone ever touch a catalogue "card"?

What’s a record? (vinyl!)

What’s the video in videogame?

Will we need to continue much longer to ask folks to rewind things when returning them?

I am sure you can think of more...

Abram: http://stephenslighthouse.sirsidynix.com/archives/2006/12/new_language_re.html

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