29 December 2006


First, from St. Louis lawyer Dennis Kennedy:
1. Best Overall Law-Related Blog: The Trademark Blog (http://www.schwimmerlegal.com/) and also was a Blawg Review Award winner for Best Legal Specialty Blog.
2. Best Overall Law Practice Management Blog: More Partner Income (http://www.morepartnerincome.com/blog/).
3. The Marty Schwimmer Best Practice-Specific Legal Blog: The Illinois Trial Lawyer Weblog (http://www.illinoistrialpractice.com/). Schaeffer also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Blawg Review.

4. Best Legal Blog Digest: (tie) Stark County (Ohio) Law Library Blog (http://temp.starklawlibrary.org/blog/)—by a law librarian!—and Law.com Inside Opinions (http://legalblogwatch.typepad.com/legal_blog_watch/) which was also recognized by Blawg Review for Blog Journalism.

5. Best Blawg About Legal Blawgging: Real Lawyers Have Blogs (http://kevin.lexblog.com/).

6. Best Legal Podcast: Coast to Coast Podcast (http://www.legaltalknetwork.com/modules.php?name=News&new_topic=15) which received the same award from Blawg Review.

7. The Sherry Fowler Best Writing on a Legal Blog Award: That Lawyer Dude (http://thatlawyerdude.blogspot.com).

8. Best Law Professor Blog: The Yin Blog (http://yin.typepad.com/the_yin_blog/).

9. Best New Law-related Blog: (tie) WSJ.com Law Blog (http://blogs.wsj.com/law/) and I Heart Tech (http://www.ihearttech.com/).

And these others from Blawg Review:
Best Law Blog Design and Best Blog by a Practicing Attorney: May It Please the Court (http://www.mayitpleasethecourt.com/journal.asp?).
Best New Law Blog: Above the Law (http://www.abovethelaw.com/).
Best Blawg Theme: Overlawyered (http://www.overlawyered.com/), chronicling the high cost of our legal system.
Best Group Blog by Lawyers in a Law Firm: (tie) Antitrust Review (http://www.antitrustreview.com/)and PHOSITA (http://www.okpatents.com/phosita/).
Best Blog by a Law Professor: Mauled Again (http://mauledagain.blogspot.com/).
Best Group Blog by Law Professors: Concurring Opinions (http://www.concurringopinions.com/)
Best Blog by a Law Student: Lawyerlike (http://lawyerlike.blogspot.com/)
Best Group Blog by Law Students: De Novo (http://www.blogdenovo.org/)
Best Blawg By A Paralegal: nearlylegal (http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/).
Best Practice Management Blog: Adam Smith, Esq. (http://www.bmacewen.com/blog/).
Best Blogging by a Judge: Becker-Posner Blog (http://www.becker-posner-blog.com/) for the second year in a row.
Best Law Blog In The Public Interest: SHLEP: the Self-Help Law ExPress (http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/shlep/).
Best Legal Consultant Blog: the [non] billable hour (http://thenonbillablehour.typepad.com/).
Best Legal Support Blog: Connie Crosby (http://conniecrosby.blogspot.com/)—a Canadian law librarian!
Best New Legal Podcast: This Week in Law (http://www.twit.tv/twil).
Best British Law Blog: Human Law (http://humanlaw.typepad.com/).
Best Canadian Law Blog: Rob Hyndman (http://www.robhyndman.com/).
Best Australian Blawg: Freedom to Differ (http://www.freedomtodiffer.typepad.com/).
Global Perspective Award: What About Clients? (http://www.whataboutclients.com/).
Best Law Blog By In-House Counsel: The Patry Copyright Blog (http://williampatry.blogspot.com/).


The 2006 Blawggies: Dennis Kennedy’s Best Law-related Blogging Awards


Blawg Review Awards 2006, http://blawgreview.blogspot.com/2006/12/blawg-review-awards-2006.html

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