08 February 2006


WisBlawg, The University of Wisconsin Law Library blog—a very good one—has moved. You can now find it at http://www.law.wisc.edu/blogs/wisblawg/ Note its new tag line: “Searching Smarter…With a Little Help from a Law Librarian” According to an email from Bonnie Shucha, Reference and Electronic Services Librarian at UWLL, “I felt that it summed up the dual purpose of WisBlawg: 1) to offer useful advice to make legal practitioners smarter researchers and 2) to emphasize the value that law librarians bring to the practice of law.” It’s a great tagline and a great explanation of what they’re trying to do. Way to go!

Not to be outdone by the badgers, The Ohio State University’s Moritz Law Library has a brand new blog. Its catchy name is “Moritz Legal Information Blog” and it is located at http://moritzlegalinformation.blogspot.com/ It has some good links to other blawgs and they post often.

WisBlawg: http://www.law.wisc.edu/blogs/wisblawg
Moritz Legal Information Blog: http://moritzlegalinformation.blogspot.com/

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