20 February 2006


Unshelved is a super cartoon strip set in the Mallville Public Library and featuring Dewey, the young adult librarian and other somewhat bizarre characters--all of whom we have encountered from time to time. Even if you are not a public librarian, you will identify with the situations in the strip. One of the writers is a real-live librarian (I seem to remember at Microsoft or such.)

If you want to catch up, there are three collections of past strips: v. 1 Unshelved, v. 2 What Would Dewey Do? and v. 3 Library Mascot Cage Match. And, of course, there are t-shirts, caps, etc. that you can buy for your desk. A new reader should check out the primer--it introduces all the characters.

Check the gang out at http://www.unshelved.com and subscribe to the email feed so you won't miss a day.

(This is not a commercial--just letting you know about a great way to perk up your day.)

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