20 February 2006


Garr Reynolds has many tips for “Presenting under fire: links to tips on keeping your cool” on his web site, Presentation Zen. Topics include: dealing with hecklers (from 3M), several on dealing with difficult audiences, dealing with tough questions, and many more. There are also good tips on his personal website, with sample video, tutorials, and slide and delivery tips.

You might also check out a couple of articles that have appeared in The One-Person Library newsletter:
Tips for Better Presentations 20(6):9-10, September 2003.
10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking 21(9):10-11, January 2005.

(If you aren’t a subscriber to OPL, you can become one for just US$69. Go to http://www.ibi-opl.com/newsletter/oplform.html)

Links to tips for keeping cool: http://presentationzen.blogs.com/presentationzen/
Garr's tips: http://www.garrreynolds.com/Presentation/index.html
The One-Person Library: http://www.ibi-opl.com/newsletter/

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