20 February 2006


My new book The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guide for Solo and Small Libraries is finally available. Library Journal said “This sourcebook … offers pearls of wisdom for all libraries, not just those that are small. Highly recommended for all librarians” about the 2001 edition.

But this edition is over 100 pages longer (nearly 500 pages) and is arranged differently. The first half is still about management of small libraries (see Table of Contents below). But the back half, edited by John Welford (the wonderful proofreader of The One-Person Library newsletter), is now arranged by subject and has lots of new links to resources. The largest sections are for Medical Librarians and “Libraryland,” stuff only a librarian could love—and you will!

Because the book is softbound, it is the same price as the previous edition, US$39.50. You can order it from the publisher, Information Today, or you can get one from me—complete with an autograph.

Ordering information:
Siess, Judith A., The New OPL Sourcebook: A Guide for Solo and Small Libraries, Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc., 2006, ISBN 1-57387-241-5, US$39.50, http://shop.store.yahoo.com/infotoday/newoplsour.html

To order the book from me, contact me via email for more information.

Table of Contents:


PART I Management for OPLs and Small Libraries

Chapter 1 What Is an OPL?

A Brief History of the OPL Movement
Where OPLs Work
Characteristics of an OPL
A Week in the Life of an OPL

An International View, the Universality of One-Person Librarianship
Profiles of OPLs Around the World
Chapter 2 General Concepts
The User Is Job One—Customer Service

Know Thy Organization: Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture

Chapter 3 Time Management, Prioritization, and Planning
Time Management

Stop Wasting Time


Chapter 4 Financial Matters
Financial Crisis
Evaluating Your Library
Money-Saving Tips
Chapter 5 Working with Others
Communication: An OPL’s Guide to Connecting
The Annual Report

Oral Presentations

Working with Your Boss

The Care and Feeding of Nerds, or How to Work with Your Computer People

Interpersonal Networking

Library Promotion: Self-Serving or Just Good Sense?

Chapter 6 Along the Information Superhighway: The OPL and Technology
Past: Where Have We Been? How Far Have We Come?

Present: How Do Librarians Use Technology? Finding Our Role

Future: Where Are We Going

What about the Virtual Library?

Chapter 7 Other Issues: Education, Downsizing and Outsourcing, and Knowledge Management
Education for One-Person Librarianship

One More Pair of Hands—or One Less: Downsizing and Outsourcing
Knowledge Management
Chapter 8 The Future of One-Person Librarianship

The Library of the Future
Future Roles of the Librarian
The Future for Specific Types of Librarians
The Future of One-Person Librarianship
My View of the Future

Chapter 9 Business, Management, and Economics
Advertising, Business, Management and Economics, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Strategic Planning
Chapter 10 Computers and the Web
Search Engines, Creating Better Web Pages, Accessibility
Chapter 11 Government
International and Multi-National, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Britain and Europe, North America
Chapter 12 Journalism and News
Chapter 13 Language, Literature, and the Arts
Chapter 14 Law, Legal Libraries, and Copyright
International Law, US Law, Intellectual Property, Law Librarian Stuff
Chapter 15 Libraryland Stuff
Reference Sources, Managing E-Resources, Grant Writing, Records Management, Prison Libraries, Disaster Planning, Marketing and Advocacy, KM and Information Science Stuff, Libraries and Books, Professional Issues, Keeping Up, Careers and Job Hunting, Library Schools: Australia, UK, USA and Canada, Library Suppliers, Subscription Agencies, Professional Associations, Just for Fun and Miscellaneous
Chapter 16 Medicine and Medical Libraries
Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Pharmacy, Medical Statistics, Laboratory Testing, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Continuing Medical Education Sites, Hand-held Computer Resources, Evidence-Based Medicine, EBM Nursing, Consumer Health Information Web Sites, Especially for Librarians
Chapter 17 Miscellaneous
Calculators of All Kinds, Fun Stuff, Travel
Chapter 18 Science, Engineering, and Technology
General Science, Engineering, Materials Science, Technology, Aeronautics, Agriculture, Biosciences, Chemistry, For Science Librarians
Chapter 19 Social Sciences
Education, History, Psychology, Urban Planning and Geography
Chapter 20 Annotated Bibliography

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