27 February 2006


Michelle Boule, posting on the blog of the Library and Information Technology Association, American Library Association, reported on a talk by Antony Brewerton [Oxford Brookes Library, Oxford, UK] made at the OCLC Symposium at ALA Midwinter 2006. I heard Brewerton at an AALL conference in Boston a few years ago, and this sounds just like him. Here is just a bit of the post.

“One of their most popular campaigns involved posters with various pictures of mixed drinks. A picture of a beer said, “get ahead.” A shot said, “fancy a swift one?” [It probably would be politically incorrect to do this in the States.] Another campaign involved the slogan “finding information can be a piece of cake” with pictures of cakes, bars, and cookies.”

To see some of the other very imaginative ideas he presented, read the entire post at http://litablog.org/2006/01/24/oclc-symposium-part-4/

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