20 February 2006


Everything you wanted to know about law library careers but didn’t know whom to ask…. You can find the answer on the BIALL web site. BIALL is the British & Irish Association of Law Librarians and they have a super web site.

My favorite page is the one on Careers. It includes “Where do Legal Information Professionals work?” There are paragraphs on academic institutions, law firms, national government, libraries for legal professionals, industry and commerce, and freelance/consultant. But what’s the most impressive are the links to “a day in the life of a ----- law librarian.” These are librarian profiles from their magazine and are quite well-done and informative.

Why can’t I find something like this on the AALL, SLA, MLA, or even ALA web sites?

http://www.biall.org.uk – then click on Careers (the real URL is unbelievably long)

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