15 February 2006


Jill Stover tells us that we can be marketers, even if we “live near the bottom of the library hierarchy.” We can’t change the marketing plan of the entire organization, but we can market our own little part of it—our library.

In her article, A micro-marketer in a macro library: Challenges and possibilities, that appeared yesterday (14 February 2006) on her blog, Library Marketing-Thinking Ouside the Book, she has 5 suggestions. You’ll have to read her blog for all the details, but here is a very short summary.
1. You can set marketing policy for your own small part of the organization.
2. You can “live” your mission and brand.
3. You can have input into the organization’s marketing decisions because you are especially close to your users.
4. You may not determine exactly what services are provided, but you can deliver them excellently.
5. You may not have a lot influence on large-scale issues, but you can determine how to manage the small stuff—“and small things count big!” in how users perceive the library.

Really good stuff here, read the entire article! (And while you're there, look at some of her other great posts.)


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