02 March 2006


LexBlog reports that, according to The Wall Street Journal, law reviews are adopting some features of blawgs (law blogs) in order to compete. “From insisting on briefer pieces to creating new and timely Internet features that engage broader audiences, the law reviews are experimenting with ways to reaffirm their significance to the profession.” They are also moving content to the Internet—web-based supplements have been introduced by both Harvard and Yale law schools. “Yale’s new feature, called The Pocket Part, runs synopses of selected articles from the print version, along with short responses from both practitioners and scholars.”

According to LexBlog, “…lawyers get a much bigger and long lasting bang by publishing a blog. And a blog is a heck of a lot easier to write.”

There’s a similar article by Ann Althouse on her blog.

LexBlog article: http://kevin.lexblog.com/cat-blogs-in-the-news.html
WSJ article (subscription required): http://users1.wsj.com/lmda/do/checkLogin?mg=wsj-users1&
Althouse article: http://althouse.blogspot.com/2006/02/how-will-blogging
The Pocket Part: http://www.thepocketpart.org/

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