01 March 2006


I found this at webpronews.com, but the original is from SCOUT Corporate Blogging. Not all are relevant to us, but might be of interest to your corporate communications people. Do yourself a favor and forward this post to them. They'll see that you are following the latest in technology.

Here's the list and a few comments of my own. For the complete article and their comments, see the URL below.

1. Understand the fundamentals of blogger relations. A blog is different from a web site--it is a two-way conversation.
2. Create value. If the blog doesn't give the reader something useful, he or she won't return.
3. Grow and sustain your audience by providing real analysis. Don't just re-post something from somewhere else. Add your own comments (like I'm doing here).
4. Report on community opinion. If you can't comment, distill what others have said.
5. Respond with comments to build relationships and traffic. Comment on other blogs--it helps their readers and plugs your own blog.
6. Track your conversations. You can set your blog to let you know when someone leaves a comment.
7. Don't be afraid of criticism. If no one criticizes it means either that they don't care or that they think you don't.
8. Conduct interviews to generate content and ideas. Interview customers or other members of your organization--they are very interesting to your readers.
9. Promote your blog. If know one knows it's there they won't read it and you will accomplish nothing.
10. Monitor the web for brand names and references. Watch for when other bloggers mention you, your corporation, or your library--or even your managers.

URL of original article: http://www.scoutblogging.com/tips.html

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