07 March 2006


Did you know that there’s a “virtual” (pun intended) marketing course available on the Web—for free? It is the Principles of Marketing section of the Marketing Virtual Library. It comes from KnowThis.com, a section of the WWW Virtual Library.

The course is divided into five sections (so far).
The Basics: Part 1-About Marketing, Part 2-Marketing Research
Consumers and Markets: Part 3-Consumer Buying Behavior, Part 4-Business Buying Behavior, Part 5-Targeting Markets
Product: Part 6-Product Decisions, Part 7-Managing Products
Distribution: Part 8-Distribution Decisions, Part 9 – Retailing, Part 10 – Wholesaling, Part 11-Product Movement
Promotion: Part 12-Promotion Decisions

Also available in the Marketing Virtual Library are topics in over 135 categories, including Marketing Plan, Intellectual Property, Careers, Jobs, Market Research, Finding Information, Targeting, Marketing Management, Training, Promotion, Advertising, Global Marketing, Publications, Publishers, Meetings, Internet Marketing, Selling, and Sales Management.

There are also tutorials on Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing, Find Information for Market Research, Marketing Method, How to Write a Marketing Plan, How to Do a Market Study and articles such as Sales Training is Not Only for Salespeople and 2006 Best-of-the-Best Marketing Sites.

KnowThis.com is edited and managed by Paul Christ, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of MBA programs, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Marketing Principles home page: http://www.knowthis.com/tutorials/principles_of_marketing.htm
KnowThis.com homepage: http://www.knowthis.com/

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