10 March 2006


Not, not that Dewey, but Dewey the YA librarian in the cartoon strip Unshelved. Colleen the reference librarian is blogging and today's strip is especially good. I can't show it here, but this is the dialog.

Dewey: Why this obsession with your blog?
Colleen: It's my readers. When I don't blog, they complain.
Dewey: Just ignore them.
Colleen: Fine. Watch.
(The telephone rings.)
Dewey: That can't be...
Colleen (into phone): Hello? Yes, I'll start typing again. Sorry.

Great stuff, huh?

Look for this cartoon and many more at the Unshelved web site. You can also sign up to get Unshelved in your email inbox every day for free. It is a wonderful strip and really perks up my day.

There are also 3 collections of the strips, so you can catch up. See them at the web site.

Friday, 10 March: http://www.overduemedia.com/archive.aspx?strip=20060310
Unshelved homepage: http://www.overduemedia.com/
Books: http://www.overduemedia.com/store.aspx?cat=books

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