25 March 2006


Betsy McKenzie has a good post, Gee, the world is getting a lot smaller!, on Out of the Jungle on outsourcing and librarians, especially law librarians.. Here are a couple of excerpts, but go to her post and read the whole thing.

“It seems that nearly every job can be outsourced to places in the world that pay a lot less than we do here in the United States. I have received e-mails from a guy in India offering to do legal research with trained lawyers in American law books and databases at a fraction of what it would cost to do the work in this country with paralegals. I deleted the first one or two.”

“Can they outsource legal publishing? I'll bet they can and are doing it. If they keep up at this rate, they will have outsourced everything and there won't be anybody left earning enough to buy stuff.”


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