26 March 2006


Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School. The idea for the project grew out of an international bloggers’ meeting in December 2004 at Harvard.

A global team of regional blogger-editors find, aggregate, and track blogs around the world, both in English and other languages. Each day they link to five to ten of the most interesting posts from their regions in the “daily roundups” section. A larger group of contributing bloggers post daily features in the Weblog section, shedding light on what blogging communities in their countries have been talking about recently.

The goals of Global Voices Online are to call attention to the most interesting conversations and perspectives around the world, to publicize the ways in which open-source and free tools can be used safely by people around the world to express themselves, and to advocate for freedom of expression.

The group also produces the BridgeBlog Index. Bridge blogs are blogs written explicitly to increase communication and understanding between people from different cultures. If you’re writing about Chinese politics for an American audience, or about living in Madacascar for a French audience, you’re bridge blogging.

URL: http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/

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