11 March 2006


Betsy MacKenzie discussed whether digital will ever really replace print in her post on 11 March 2006. Print versus Digital—the Grudge Match: Why A Technology Totally Supersedes An Older One appears on the Out of the Jungle blog. Here’s a bit of it, but you should really read the entire article.

“They have been predicting [the demise of print] since I was in library school in the mid-1980’s (and before).” [Also,] “most new technologies add onto the existing technologies, rather than superseding them. It is actually pretty rare for a new technology to completely make an older version obsolete.”

“The question that we have to look at, as clearly as possible, is whether print media offer benefits to users that are improved or simply duplicated by electronic versions that in other ways better the print.” “So far, I do believe the print is hanging in there.”

“What I see right now is that people are very attached to print media of all types. From paper notes, post-it notes, letters, postcards, to print-outs of the electronic research they just did. That may all change when electronic media mature and become easy to read, easier to jot down and retrieve, reliable to keep, portable.”

What do you think? Will digital replace print or will they continue to co-exist? Let me know either by commenting below or emailing me at jsiess@ibi-opl.com

URL: http://outofthejungle.blogspot.com/2006/03/print-versus-digital-grudge-match.html

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