24 January 2006


There's a new search engine on the block: Hippocrates Deep Web Medical Search. "The search results are not previously cached or stored. They are obtained in real-time, directly from the sources." Included are a definition, images, description of the ailment, a FAQ on the subject, causes, symptoms, treatment,, and suggestions for further reading.

What impressed me was that sources are clearly shown, the language is easily understood, and there is a "Get a Second Opinion From..." section for each type of information. These point to specific articles on other medical websites. The site is rom CloserLook Search Services of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Columbus, Ohio, USA and Chennai Interactive Business Services, Chennai, India.

I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and a search found a great deal of very good information. Try this one out!

URL: http://chennaionline.com/hippocrates/

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