02 January 2006


Lists, Anyone?

Filmoculous, the blog from Rex Sorgatz, a web developer at IBS (Internet Broadcasting Systems), Minneapolis, Minnesota, has once again published its famous list of lists. 2005’s year-end roundup of most of the “Best Of” or “Top 10” lists can be found at http://www.fimoculous.com/year-review-2005.cfm

Categories: (with a few examples)

Words & Search (Notable Quotables from Media Research Center, Top 10 News Searches from Ask.com)

DVD (Best Vault Raiders from New York Times, Best Of 2005 from Ultimate DVD Geek)

Online (Top Ten Design Blogs from IF, Top 20 Public Domain Files from Public Domain Torrents)

Ideas (Best Ideas Of 2005 from Business Week, The Year In Ideas from New York Times Magazine)

Sex (no more examples, you get the idea…), Advertising/Marketing, Architecture, Media, Toys, Books, Film, Science, Visual Arts, Music Videos, Comedy, Business, People, Gadgets, TV, Games, Sports, Paranormal, Food, Health, Education, Photos, Automobiles, Theater, Comics, Music, Miscellaneous.

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