09 January 2006


Top 10 Office Resolutions for 2006

from IBT-USA Inc., a San Diego-based training firm, http://www.expertclick.com/NewsReleaseWire/default.cfm?Action=ReleaseDetail&ID=11184&NRWid=6338

1. Don't let email run my life.
Eat lunch at lunch time—and not in my office.
Fall in love with my “Delete Key” and learn the power of “Right Clicking.”
Take time each day to think and plan my work.
No scroll bar in my email “In-Box” at the end of the day.
Respect my time and the time of others.
Set & keep appointments on my calendar to read and do my own work.
Spend more time with my family.
Get organized so I stop wasting time looking for things I can’t find.
10. Get fit—both physically and mentally—it relieves stress.

Top 10 Forecasts for 2006 (with my comments)

from the World Future Society and the editors of The Futurist, http://www.wfs.orgforecasts.htm

1. Nanotechnology will be used for everything from monitoring the health of soldiers in the battlefield
to transforming waste into edible material. (duh--it's obvious)

2. U.S. public education will face an uphill battle for survival. (another surprise!)

3. Wind and tidal power will grow considerably in the next five years. (I doubt it.)

4. More doctors and hospitals will use wireless technologies such as wearable computers and mattresses embedded with sensors to help care for patients. (Maybe, but wouldn't the signals interfere with medical equipment?)

5. Digital electronic assistant programs will surf the Net on our behalf and enable us to amass entire digital libraries on a given subject by doing nothing more than setting a few key search guidelines. Again, it would be nice, but I doubt it.)

6. More people will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. (Another no-brainer; more old people, more Alzheimer's.)

7. Death by global warming; the ozone death toll could climb by 60%. (Very likely, but by so much?)

8. Science in Latin America will rise considerably. (It has no place to go but up.)

9. Look out for a job boom in solar industries, with some 42,000 new U.S. jobs by 2015. (Probably.)

10. The open-source phenomenon will transform employment as radically as blogging has changed the fields of media and journalism. (Undoubtedly.)

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