11 January 2006


Two Neat Web Sites: One for Law Librarians, One for Medical Librarians

1. Commonly Used Terms, from the US Courts Library, Washington, DC http://www.uscourts.gov/library/glossary.html, a really useful glossary/dictionary.

2. Hospital library advocacy blog, http://hosplib.blogspot.com
“This weblog brings together many resources related to hospital library advocacy: standards and their promotion, making the business case for library services, promotion of library within hospital and to outside organizations, etc.” It is the product of highly-respected and widely-quoted medical librarian Jeannine Cyr Gluck, Director of the Medical Library, Eastern Connecticut Health Network, Manchester, Connecticut, USA.

I especially like her very recent post, Knowledge Support, where she writes about the difference between this and “good old fashioned current awareness.” It’s well worth a read—by all of us.

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