09 January 2006

Two Librarian Blogs from Down Under

I’m sure there are many more Australian librarians blogging, but here a few I’ve run across.

The first, Real Public Librarian (http://paradigmlibrary.blogspot.com), is from the manager of a small group of public libraries in coastal Queensland. It is somewhat stream-of-consciousness, but has some nice insights on the trials of multi-library management.

The second, Library Havoc (http://havoc.typepad.com/international_havoc/), has the tag line “Havoc becomes change and localises in a library: and is also rather personal, but interesting.

The third, Exploded Library (http://www.explodedlibrary.info/), is more meaty. It is by Morgan Wilson, a (male) special librarian working as Electronic and Research Services Librarian at the Australian Graduate School of Management Library, University of New South Wales, Sydney. He has interesting posts as well as many links to other blogging Australian librarians, libraries, and library-related blogs.

If you know of any other non-USA librarian blogs, please let me know at jsiess@ibi-opl.com.

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