31 January 2006


Have you seen the latest report from OCLC, Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources? It deals with public libraries, but some of it is applicable to every type of library. Here is George Needham's take on it in his blog, It's All Good.

"The best use of the Perceptions report is to use a triage approach. Look at what respondents have said they want, and then figure out: a.) what you already offer but that you need to be more "in your face" about advertising; b.) what you could do by realigning resources, eliminating redundancies, or changing legacy policies; and c.) pipedreams. Just make sure not to confuse what you can't do (pipedreams) with what you don't want to do (because it's always been done this way)!"

I agree wholeheartedly. For more about this report, see Walt Crawford's review in Cites & Insights 6(2):9-12, February 2006.

OCLC report site: http://www.oclc.org/reports/2005perceptions.htm
Needham's comments: http://scanblog.blogspot.com/2006/01/public-use-of-library-and-other.html
Walt Crawford's review of the report: http://cites.boisestate.edu/v6i3c.htm

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