25 January 2006

SOLOLIB-L list has moved!

The SOLOLIB-L list, from the Solo Librarians Division of the Special Libraries Association, has moved. For some unstated reason, Gerry Hurley of SilverPlatter must give up hosting the list. (Thank you, Silver Platter and Gerry, for your years of assistance!)

The new home of the list is SLA and its new name is SLA-DSOL (that will take some work to get used to). If you were on SOLOLIB-L, you should have been automatically migrated to the new list. To post to the list, send a message to SLA-DSOL@lists.sla.org

If you are not a member of the list--and you should be--send an email to Lyris@lists.sla.org with the following message: subscribe SLA-DSOL your email address firstname lastname

If you have a question about the list, contact Amanda Dingus Kindall at amanda_kindall@yahoo.com

You don't have to be a member of the Solo Division or SLA to subscribe to the list--a policy o which we are very proud--but you are encouraged to consider joining. I am proud to have been the Division's first chair, way back in 1991.

See you on the list!

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